Examples of pyesgf.logon usageΒΆ

NOTE: For the logon module you need to install the latest myproxyclient from pypi:

$ conda create -c conda-forge -n esgf-pyclient python=3.6 pip esgf-pyclient
$ conda activate esgf-pyclient
(esgf-pyclient) pip install myproxyclient

Obtain MyProxy credentials to allow downloading files or using secured OpenDAP:

[ ]:
from pyesgf.logon import LogonManager
lm = LogonManager()

NOTE: When you run it for the first time you need to set bootstrap=True.

[ ]:
OPENID = 'https://esgf-data.dkrz.de/esgf-idp/openid/USERNAME'
lm.logon_with_openid(openid=OPENID, password=None, bootstrap=True)

NOTE: you may be prompted for your username if not available via your OpenID.

Obtain MyProxy credentials from the MyProxy host in interactive mode asking you for username and password:

[ ]:
myproxy_host = 'esgf-data.dkrz.de'
lm.logon(hostname=myproxy_host, interactive=True, bootstrap=True)

NOTE: See the pyesgf.logon module documentation for details of how to use myproxy username instead of OpenID.